Wednesday, November 13, 2013

avondale brewery // bham

how to spend a cool fall afternoon?  try avondale brewery.  shown here is their light beer, a kolsch, but there are many options available including an ipa, a pale wheat, saison, and more. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

pop-up // rev // bham

this weekend in birmingham, there is a pop-up sponsored by Rev Birmingham (revive bham).  check out 3rd avenue north for the opening of the recently restored Lyric theatre, food trucks, and pop-up shops…including fashion, food (donuts!!!), and hairstyling. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

career life // twentysomethings

i read an article (tagged) recently about the life stage of being a twenty-something. up until now, my life has basically been all that the article says not to be in your mid twenties. married (check) full time, corporate job (check), routine (check). in college, my husband and i both could be found in the cafeteria early every day, drinking coffee and sharing the paper, so bascially, we’ve always been older than our age.

then we moved to DC. i was happily settled in my hometown with a great job, great friends, and great comfort. when he got a new job and wanted to move us to a busy city with no friends, because “this is the time in our life when we can”, i was resitant at first, but it made sense.

this has got me thinking about the career track for a twentysomething. do we really need to have a chosen career path our whole life and work towards that, or can we try new things, different fields, and gain experiences before we need to commit to one type of work? will it make us better or happier in the long run, if we just stick to one job and never try out what we really want to do? and if we don’t try everything now, will we miss the chance when twentysomething becomes thirtysomething? i’m thinking of giving it a try. i’ll keep you posted.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

nola ice // bham


maybe you’ve seen the nola ice truck around town…stop for cold treat, shaved ice with almost any flavor imagineable (classics like cherry, blueberry, and strawberry and fun flavors like wedding cake, tiger blood, and cajun cream cheese).  it’s the perfect treat for those indian summer afternoons.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

railroad park // bham

truly a gem in our city, railroad park is a great way to spend a beautiful sunday afternoon. 

H Street Festival in DC

H Street Festival in DC

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dark Green is the thing.

Fall is in the air here in DC, and I could not be more excited. Though I’m not the biggest Pumpkin Spice Latte fan (hard to believe, I know), I do love sweaters, boots, changing leaves and all things autum.

What fall also brings are fun new ways to show fashion that don’t involve those horrid crop tops and daisy dukes that took over the over this spring. Wondering what to add to your fall wardrobe? Here are some pieces that will be in for sure this fall!

1) Dark (forest) Green. Especially in pants. A pair of dark green jeans will be your best friend and can go with anything, from your jirt to your favorite beige oversized sweater.

2) Short boots. Knee highs had their moment last year, but short boots are on the verge of a comeback. Pair them with a skirt before it gets too cold for a transitional look.

3) I wish this weren’t the case, but army is coming back in this fall. All I can say about that is keep it classy.

Friday, September 13, 2013

artist review // bham

craig legg is a local artist in bham.  his work includes poetry, collage, painting, sculpture, and more.  check out his current show, a tribute to mexican independence day, in the side room at rojo during the month of september.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

food review // hot & hot fish club // bham

imageseptember is the end of tomato season, which sadly means the end of the famous tomato salad at hot & hot fish club.  heirloom tomatos, fried okra, and a crisp piece of bacon accent this delicious salad. 

Hot and Hot Fish Club on Urbanspoon

2 sisters // 2 cities

we are 2 sisters born and raised in birmingham, alabama…(although one of us currently lives in DC).  enjoy our blog!